Annette Ysseldyk has always been an artist at heart. It’s her retreat, her outlet, and her passion. She loves to create, and she enjoys experimenting with different subjects and mediums. She straddles the line between logical thinking and creative chaos, and that combination generates visual interest in the lines and shapes within the art.

Her influences are everything she sees and experiences. She is both a traveller and a wordsmith, and loves to bring her inspirations from her travels into her work.

She’s a self-taught artist who creates intricate black and white art, abstract paintings, and mixed media products. She started showing her work in 2017 starting with the Carmel Fine Art Festival and a couple of smaller craft shows.

She recently released her signature line, The Inspiration Collection, a series of art prints and inspirational cards featuring motivational messages and artwork that makes a statement. Rounding out the collection is “Enchantment: A Colouring Book for Adults” featuring 20 prints of her original work. The collection received press in a number of media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, the Digital Journal, and the Daily Herald. 

She’s currently working on her next collection in her home studio in St Catharines.