Impressionism, Pointillism, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism are just a few examples of popular art styles. Canvases, paper and wood have been common surfaces on which to create a masterpiece. However, the world evolves and new technologies and methods are presented in all aspects of life. I felt the need to explore and experiment with different materials and methods that are outside the realm of traditional paintings. After years of experimenting I have come up a style that I call Aluminism. 

The difference is in the elements. I utilize the 4 elements to create the artwork: fire, wind, earth and water. 

The foundation of my art is aluminium. I grind and carve designs right into the aluminium then I use my specialized process which invokes the four elements. The end result is a mesmerizing effect that is unparallel to what can be achieved on canvas. Lighting brings out stunning movement, colours and texture. As you move and observe the art from various vantage points you will see it change before your very eyes. 

My artwork is topped with a high-gloss finish. This allows the light to penetrate through the layers of colour and refract off the grinds in the aluminium to achieve a stunning holographic illusion. 

Whether the subject matter is serene sunset landscapes, nebulas portraying the very depths of space, or even abstract pieces that test the imagination of its viewers, my Aluminism style never fails to captivate.