As a working artist since 1966, mostly as a commercial artist, I found my solace in creating original artwork which now dressup the walls of many homes. Each piece has their own story to tell. Creating gave me comfort and a feeling of self fulfillment. Often times life can be very cruel and roads travelled, hard to handle. To find something to lighten your way is truly a blessing. 

My “Trip” is ongoing, it truly is never ending art. Whenever the mood arises I create, never the same mood. It can be sadness, ecstasy, pain, fear, rage, grief, humour, love, whatever triggers the urge to express myself. Perhaps this is the best way to express my feelings? It is for this reason there is such a variety of styles. 

It is my hope that I inspire others, no matter what age to at least test their creative juices? Having achieved so many goals of late, I thank my partner in life and work Al Ludlow for helping me to accomplish them. It hasn’t been easy. 

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s how you got there that counts.