Brian Boyer hit the street in his early teens and found peace and a dry place to sleep in a giant blue spruce smack dab in the middle of Victoria Park overlooking Niagara Falls. It was his safe haven away from the rest of the world where he felt like an intruder.

That giant Blue Spruce was his “Guardian Angel”, his inspiration, his Christmas Tree protector that kept him safe until he could finally grow strong enough to move on. His journey took him to Canada’s west coast where he has perfected his art that pays tribute to the magical qualities that trees have using the medium of discarded wire that would otherwise be heading to a dump. The Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival is proud to host Brian’s triumphant homecoming!

He will be demonstrating his skill in transforming waste wire into magical representations of the trees that he holds in such honour. He wants you to visit with him while he works to hear his story.
He wants you to hear about importance of understanding mental health and homelessness issues and what it takes to survive those challenges and thrive and how the community can rally effectively to be allies for those who struggle.

Please come meet Brian at his demonstration booth at the festival and be inspired by his hard won victory over suicidal depression, emotional injury and mental hardship. Come witness the magic he’s creating to celebrate his beloved trees.