Building a Community: The Power of Music

Music can take many forms.  From the birds chirping outside your window, or your next-door neighbour whistling a friendly tune as he tends to his garden, to a pop song blaring out of your kitchen radio.  It surrounds us and is a part of almost everything we do.   It affects our lives in so many different ways. 

For starters, it affects our emotions. Think of a recent movie or TV show you watched… was there an emotional moment? A powerful moment? A happy moment? What kind of music was playing in the background when these moments were unfolding on screen? Soundtracks are used to help influence the audience in how they should be feeling during a particular scene.  If a main character dies on screen, it will most likely be accompanied by a sad and somber song in the background; evoking feelings of sadness.  This idea holds true in our own lives as well.  For example, if you have just been given a promotion at work, you may be feeling excited and overjoyed. On the commute home, you may choose to put on a happy/upbeat playlist to celebrate your success. Music gives us something to relate to and can help express and discover how we are feeling at a given moment. 

One of the most incredible things about music is its ability to bring people together.  Music festivals, concerts, karaoke nights and amateur nights are all events dedicated to people from all walks of life coming out to enjoy and appreciate different types of music.  Thousands of people who have nothing in common but the desire to be immersed in a piece of music.  In a sense, music has the ability to form and even enhance a community.

We so are lucky in the Niagara region to have many outlets to showcase and appreciate musical talents.  Whether it be listening to an up and coming band at your local bar, or a music festival like the Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival, the Niagara region offers something for everyone! As the music scene grows, our little community grows too.

About the Author:
 Valerie Fraser is a 21-year-old student from Hamilton, Ontario in her third year of Media Communications at Brock University. She comes from a very artistic family across all platforms, including: painting, theatre, opera, piano and other instruments. She has a great appreciation for art and music and has experience in theatre, voice, piano, violin and guitar. She has worked in the customer service industry for many years and enjoys engaging with her community in various capacities. Her hobbies include: photography, video games, spending time with friends, eating ice cream and hanging out with her dog Sophie.

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