Cyndi Svob is an abstract fluid artist, working in mixed media. Self-taught, she is always experimenting with different art subjects, styles and mediums; her work constantly evolving. Combined with the freedom of abstraction, her discovery of flow painting satisfies her desire to experiment and her love of colour.

She uses different paints, mediums and techniques in which the paint is applied to achieve various results. David Alfaro Siqueiros first discovered an “accidentalpainting” technique in the 1930s utilising the viscosity and densities of paints and pigments. Reactions from mediums and additives aid Nancy Wood and Arthur Brouthers in their liquid acrylic art. Bruce Riley produces vividly coloured, multi-layered translucent resin art. Cyndi combines these techniques to produce her abstracts. The first layer can be totally unpredictable, but is the foundation of each piece. Along with her intuition, it guides her to the final result.

Her pieces compel you to stop and look closer, captivate and draw you into their depths.