Jana Teovano will be taking The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival Stage Saturday  September 15th, 12:00pm-12:45pm

Jana Teovano is a multi-instrumental, acoustic performer with a diverse background rooted in indie, pop and new jazz. Jana Teovano has a sultry sweet voice that perfectly marries Norah Jones’ smoothness and Amy Winehouse’s lyrical maturity and attitude. From the bombing in Serbia, to the private luxury yachts in Greece she found her way to Toronto, Canada where she is currently residing, working and performing.

Jana Teovano has performed at venues such as: Free Times Cafe, The Supermarket, The Cavern, The Silver Dollar, The Kensington Lodge, The Smiling Buddha, The Central, Cameron House, The Performing Arts Lodge and as a special guest at Pride in London, ON.

With a catalogue of more than 30 original songs, Jana Teovano is in the process of choosing the ones that will go on her first EP.