Born in Liverpool, but transplanted to Canada at a young age, LeeJames is a man born for techno. 

   As a teen he was heavily influenced by night time radio sessions hosted by Chris Sheppard, Hedley Jones and Dr. Trance.  After attending his first underground techno party he knew he had to learn the craft that engaged him so intensely through the music and ever evolving sounds he was exposed to.   “It was the way I walked into a club, danced my A** off all night, then left in the morning and thought to myself, wait… was that all one song?, it was so beautifully pieced together and blended with such precision and craftmanship that I could completely lose myself in it’s embrace.” It was love of this art that pulled him with obsession to learn it himself. 

   Gracing such stages as Utopia, Destiny, Eden. The E Network and hosting events all around the Golden Horseshoe since the mid 1990’s with no intention of ever stopping.  He is a dj not to be missed.