Alyssa “Liss” Black is an artist part of the Molotov Productions art collective. It was founded by her and her partner, Rain, which began as an outlet for Rain’s short films but has since expanded into other artistic avenues, including drawing, music and photography. Liss’ interest in art flourished during her time at St. Micahel High School. After highschool, Liss tried to pursue college life at Sheridan for Interior Design and eventually found a job at a landscape design company but she was not happy and found it took away from her true passions. Upon realization, Liss eventually started creating her own work again and has evolved her style ever since. Although her love of floorplans and architecture remains, she finds great pleasure in admiring graffiti, street murals, graphic design and typography which she channels into her current body of work. Under Molotov Productions, Liss has learned to shoot and edit her own videos with the help of Rain (Media Arts grad), has some event photography credits, is currently producing her first short film written by her and is becoming more confident in her artistic abilities with new found focus and determination to pursue a life of art.