Maja Bannerman Theatrical Monologue
at the Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival in the Marquis Event Tent
Saturday September 15th 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm

Maja Bannerman presents Future Perfect!
Through song, monologues, movement and performance pieces Maja explores the various realms and conundrums of contemporary society. Characters, real and imagined, come to life as Maja moves, for instance, from being an agro phobic to an acclaimed opera singer to a young orphan ~ each person she embodies has a story to tell and each story asks something of us and our own lives. Bannerman explores and celebrates this grand mystery called life and believes there just might be a Future Perfect! At the end of the performance there will be time for a short conversation circle to share thoughts and ask questions regarding the themes raised in Maja’s presentation.

Maja Bannerman is a writer, singer and performing artist based in St. Catharines. She has received several art council grants to create plays, spoken word performances and songs. She has toured across Canada presenting original shows in a variety of venues and at festivals. For 20 years Bannerman ran Parasol Lane Productions a company that specialized in historically- based performances featuring the Niagara region. Maja has recently formed the Bohemian Rags to Rhapsody Cabaret troupe and creates lively performances of songs and vignettes with collaborators Beth Bartley and Mark Clifford of Vox Violins. Her CD of original songs, Signs of Life, was released in 2017.