Mel Monaco will be taking The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival stage Saturday September 15th, 5:00pm-5:45pm

If you can’t be safe, be spectacular” a phrase setting the tone for Mel Monaco, a Canadian singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist born in Northern, Ontario.

Now based out of Niagara, Canada- Mel takes on the world and learns from every experience she has turning them into lyrical memories. After Monaco’s first release “Anything Goes” Monaco quickly returned to record “These Are Just Suggestions”. The second CD released April 2015 and hosts “Single Again”-2016 Niagara Music Award “Music Video Of The Year”. It was a big change for Monaco! Leading Monaco into a whole new direction!

As an independent artist, Mel captured her fans by releasing the 2016 and 2017 Mel Monaco Pin Up Calendar, both calendars funding projects for Monaco’s music videos, “Single Again” and “Hold Me Back”.

Always writing Monaco went back into the studio again to record latest album “Falling For The Third Time” released August 2017. And coming back by popular demand and a little twist, Monaco also released her 2018 Mel Monaco Motivational Calendar- this launched an even different direction for Monaco.

Never slowing her role… with the calendar helping produce Monaco’s latest music video “UNTAMEABLE” and newest direction and style!

Once again, Monaco has returned to the studio in 2018 to launch a follow up EP titled “Wishing, Waiting, Floating”, set to release November 1st 2018, alongside a potential new twist on Monaco’s annual calendar!

Needless to say, keep an eye and ear out for Mel Monaco in 2018 and 2019. There ain’t no rest for Mel Monaco.