Mike is a photographer based out of Fort Erie Ontario, his work often takes him across the entire region of Southern Ontario as well as Western New York. Finding his true passion, he left a position with a Fortune 500 company to pursue his love for photography. Mike has a wide ranging portfolio as he got his start with event and live concert photography, still enjoying this type of photography today. His work has been published in multiple magazines and print media and exhibited by Analogue gallery in Toronto as part of their Sound Image Exhibition. The series he will be showing at Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival showcases some of his recent street photography and other photographs taken during a trip to Italy.Mike’s Dad & all 4 of his grandparents were from Italy and Mike has a connection to Italy that inspires him like no other place in the world does. Mike hoped to capture the beauty, passion &genuineness of the country in this series being shown at the Festival.