Ol’ Child will be performing
in the Marquis Event Tent stage at
The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival
Sunday September 16th,


He enjoys music from all backgrounds, whether from his own peoples, the Haudenosaunee, Pow wow, Cree round dance to the blues, rock, jazz and most anything with a great beat.
Ol’ Child is a life long endeavor to having a group of individuals who hold the same value in the power of music as himself.
“Believing in something bigger than the self is such a powerful feeling and music is the tangible result of that, whether playing, singing, dancing too or just listening!”


Frank took a shining to the Sax at the early age of 9 years old, his first inspiration was the late great Solomon Burke song Soul Serenade! From there he has been on a musical journey with many, many fellow musicians including his brother Howard who introduced him to Soul, Rhythm and Blues of the times. Ol’ Child is his first act where he uses those inspirations to create the vocal backbone of the groups sound. He contributes his own spiritual journey to his Blackfoot/Cherokee blood on his father and mother sides, respectfully, as he delves more into his own lineage.


Mehmet lives in Niagara Falls Ontario for the last 15 years and is originally from Istanbul and Turkey. His interest in music started in Istanbul where Eastern and Western influences come together to create unique blending’s of both landscapes. He loves percussion and plays cajon, doumbek and djembe.


Shawn is a Canadian pianist based out of Niagara Falls Ontario. His eclectic taste in music has led him to collaborate with a wide spectrum of musical acts over the years. He is perhaps best known for his energetic funky rhythms and colourful voicings.
He enjoys improvising and letting the creative process unfold at every moment. 


Bram has been an active music lover ever since he was young-growing up on Canadian music like April Wine and Neil Young. He soon picked up a guitar and when he started playing improvisational music with friends he then discovered the magic of music. With a broadening taste in music he sought to play with musicians of all backgrounds-learning their stories through sound. After jamming with fellow Ol’ Child band members he felt the calling to spread the love and the healing that he once reaped himself to any willing ears.