Christopher Darton (director/camera/producer/editor) is a Metis writer and filmmaker from Port Colborne, Ontario who has worked as a freelance writer, photographer and videographer for the past 30 years since graduating from Sheridan College in Film.

Growing up in Fort Erie, Ontario Chris played hockey and read comic books like any normal Canadian kid until the start of the home video revolution in the early 80’s. Owning one of the first beta systems on the market and fertile imagination Chris began watching 2 or 3 movies a day and shooting his own movies on Super 8mm.

After college Chris worked for 5 years in a video store where he immersed himself in films of all sorts: horror, drama, foreign, action … watching anything he could get his hands on.

Chris has produced/directed two feature length documentary films for his production company Blues Harp Entertainment: The Way We Was: The Story of the Kendall Wall Band and Hard Working Man: The Music and Miracles of Danny Brooks.  He is currently at work on his third feature film This is Paradise: The Story of the Cameron House.

As well … Chris acts as Producer for Skeleton Crew Entertainment.  Producing the award winning music video/mini horror film Halloween Baby for veteran Canadian rockers Bobnoxious.  In 2017 Skeleton Crew Entertainment released 37% Pure Evil which premiered at Frightmare in the Falls in Niagara Falls Ontario; as well the film was an Official Selection at Shock Stock 2018.



Mike Farkas is a professional wedding photographer based in St. Catharines. As lead photographer, Mike is personable, proficient and friendly with his work. As the head of his company, Mike Farkas stands behind the G3 name.

“My love for photography is my driving force. I love seeing clients overjoyed with their photos!”


Since I was a child, I have taken photographs of everyday moments and small happenings in my life, and assembled the photos chronologically into albums. The albums make up bits and pieces of my life story, and tell a bit about who I am, from my perspective.  My life’s work is creating photographs and albums that tell stories of moments and happenings in the Live’s of my clients, I studied photography at Dawson College in Montreal Quebec and have been photographing off and on since 1985.

Why wedding and portrait photography? I am thrilled to have a job that allows me to explore my creativity while documenting   significant moments in my client’s lives. At every shoot, I learn something about love, something about life, or something about relationships. It is a tremendous honor to witness and document the love, emotion, and growing relationships of my clients. I am extremely grateful every day to have such a fulfilling job.

I describe my photography as honest, sincere and intimate. During my time in business, I have honed my aesthetic sensibilities and technical skills. My primary focus now is the beauty and raw emotion found in each moment. I approach each event and each session with attention, honesty, and love. I put my heart and soul into my work, and I believe that it shows in my photographs.