I like depicting places I have been in Canada with a particular emphasis on the Niagara Peninsula where I live, other parts Ontario and the eastern provinces of Canada. The greatest influence on my art, other than my fellow artists is the rhythm, harmony, textures, sounds, movement and colour of my surroundings.I strive to create something that is intrinsically pleasing to me and I want to share this very intimate experience with others. I make art to satisfy an inner instinct, to communicate with my viewers in a way that supersedes what mere language can describe.

The greatest influences on my art have been the Group of Seven, the Impressionists, Mondrian and Picasso. I love colour , movement ,texture and pattern. I like the play between texture and pattern to create interesting flow from one area to another. Using the impact of colour to enhance the elements in my work, be it realism or abstract. I integrate predominately these four elements to create a piece that is pleasing to my eye. My work stands out because of how I apply colour, texture, movement and pattern. These four elements of design have become the signature of each piece.