Fabric and I have had a love affair for as long as I can remember. My family owned a fabric store and from my earliest days fabric ran between my fingers. I developed a love for texture and drape, an eye for color and symmetry, and a feel for quality. All this led me to become a seamstress, but as time went on, that art became less in demand and when our family business closed, I transitioned to other things until that one pivotal moment.

My aunt is a sculptor and spent some years in The Netherlands, the home of Paverpol and wooden shoes. While there, she exchanged sculptures with a Paverpol artist. When she returned to Canada, she placed the piece on her mantle. From the first moment I saw it, my world changed, and I knew that this was something I needed to do. It was the perfect blend of art and fabric! Ten years later, I not only continue creating my own works of art that people can enjoy for years to come in their homes or gardens, I also love teaching others to do the same.