Polychronic has been hosting and DJ’ing events, spreading his love of music and making people dance all across Ontario, Vancouver and Montreal since 2003. A booty breaks specialist at heart, this DJ is not to be confined into one style of music. From Break Beats to Deep House and D’N’B to Psy Trance (just to name a few) his versatile style can be attributed to maintaining an open mind and accepting attitude towards different styles of electronic music.  Having a broad spectrum of musical influences growing up, he later found break beats to be an exciting style of music that can successfully crossover the likes of Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock and Retro etc.. and provide a fresh new sound for people on the dance floor to bust a move to.

You can listen to his latest industrial techno remix of Fear The Priests 1% on Beatport and I -Tunes. Look out party people, when this DJ hits the decks your bound to get jiggy with it!