Serge Chriqui is a fine art photographer and digital abstract artist based in St. Catharines, Ontario. Always striving to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, he has a passion for travel while chasing the light fantastic! In 2005, he took his first steps into the art world producing and selling photographs for Toronto’s Distillery District Artisan Marketplace for two years. Since then he has been a gallery owner, a gallery co-director and has continued exhibiting throughout. He is thankful to have had the privilege and good fortune of continuing his travels at every opportunity: Israel, Trinidad and Tobago, Newfoundland, the California Coast and the Niagara Region have all provided wonderful opportunities to see and capture wonderful scenes in the last few years. Today he focuses on his craft, not only producing photographs but also producing works for his Positive Light Abstract Series: a digital process that results in wonderful and mesmerizing colour bursts. His works are in private collections in Canada, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago and others.