The Stamford Drama will be taking
The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival Stage
Sunday September 16th, 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm

The Senior Drama class created an ensemble piece for their Docudrama unit based on the British Home Children 1869-1948.  The Child immigration scheme which is a huge part of our Canadian history, but so few Canadians are aware of it.  These children helped build the foundation of our Nation. While students were researching their characters, we had the privilege to connect with Lori Oschefski, one of the Founders of the BHC.  Her mother’s story, along with Pat Skidmore’s mother, Marjorie, who inspired the piece.  As we continued our journey, with a new cast, we discovered that cast members and staffs’ grand-parents and great grand-parents were BHC and had never shared their stories which fueled more of a reason for us to share them.   was created in memory of the BHC whose lives and families were torn apart and to help them break free from the stigma that they have felt for years and also to educate Canadians about a part of our History that we should be made aware of.
For more information about BHC, search the following website:

Special thanks to Lori Oschefski, Pat Skidmore, Michael Brown and all of the BHC members whose parents’ stories inspired us.