Welcome to A LOTT OF ART

For Susan Lott, art has been in her life since childhood.
Growing up with her eight siblings in the small community of Merritton in St Catharines, she spent many days sketching.

“My abstract paintings are driven by intuition and inquiry into the power of colour. The paintings have no predetermined subject matter, but are a manifestation of the deep intuitive and emotional connection that I feel towards colour, light and energy.

A variety of painting tools are used in the creating process. Using Acrylic paints means working fast. I allow the painting to take on a life of its own as it guides me to completion. Sometimes taking more than one layer.
Painting is a freedom to express my experiments with colours and forms.

In the end I enjoy the expressions and opinions of others as they contemplate the painting before them. What I want people to take away with my paintings is their own creative thoughts of what they see.

The Italian name given is unique to the expression of that particular painting”.

“Oh my gosh, pictures are nothing like the real thing! They are all soooo beautiful, they gave me goosebumps!”
Marie Misiura Holm