I am a tradesman metal worker since the 70’s. Later on I started to do Blacksmithing, first as a hobby, and later on as a profession.

I attend to 1812 Re-enactment shows in the last 10 years. I have made period products authentic to 1800’s.

I also create pagan products which I sell at Pagan Festivals. My products are wide variety custom made items. Organic, artistic metal work.

They include but not limited to knifes, athames, adornment items, cooking items. I also serve the community with custom orders. I sell my products on Etsy, Facebook, and a Brick and Mortar store, in Windsor, Ontario at The Hag Shack. The Hag Shack also carry my products on their online store.

I do my work in the traditional way with forge and anvil and hammer.