As a lifelong resident  of Niagara Falls I have had a passion for woodworking from an early age specializing in all types of cabinets and furniture. About twelve years ago I tried my hand at bowl turning and that has evolved into a happy addiction.There is a real fascination to discover what colours and grain patterns lie beneath  the bark of a fallen or diseased tree and to be able to transform an ugly piece of firewood into a beautiful and functional art object is very satisfying.

A few years ago, I was able to acquire some logs salvaged from the Historic White Oak tree of Stamford Green in Niagara Falls that had succumbed to old age and was estimated to be possibly 400 years old. The resulting series of bowls, tables and shelving pay tribute to this special tree and showcases the amazing character of this and other monuments to our landscape. All of the wood used for these projects are from a variety of local tree species rescued from the chipper or firewood pile.

If there is a tree or part of a tree that you have a special connection to and would like to have a lasting memory of , I would be happy to discuss custom orders.