Tina works out of her studio in Milton to create paintings alive with movement, colour, and expression.

Informed by memories of what she has seen, sensed, experienced, and wondered, Tina paints intuitively and imaginatively.  Convinced that materials contribute to the expression of the piece, she allows her painting to respond to the media, surface, tools, and even the conditions in the room.  As she changes brushes, strokes, colours, and approaches, she works to coax and guide impressions and expressions to emerge in each painting.

Her work has been in several shows and juried exhibits in Milton, Toronto, Hamilton, and the Niagara Peninsula.

“I marvel at the wonders I spy through a window, up a tree, off to the shoulder, beyond the shore … fleeting glimpses, tracks in the snow, shadows cast, mist floating, colourful skies, seasons changing, and the stillness of being.  Nature that lives and breathes.  My paintings – emergent and evanescent, whimsical and musing – reflect the love and joy I feel for this vast and beautiful world.  I welcome you to share them with me.”