UpCycle Canada started small.  We began with one mandate – to only used unwanted, discarded and broken items, recreating these items into new creations.  Using discarded materials forces us to be creative and the end product is truly a unique, one of one item – nothing we do is mass produced.

Our signs are crafted and painted by hand.  We can colour match, customize and deliver a great one of one sign for your event, business, home or family.

We have built a variety of items from car storage accessories, store fixtures, garbage/recycle bins, furniture, kitchen islands, tv stands, crates, trays, wine carriers and we have even hand lettered a set of stairs at the Keefer Mansion for wedding photos.

There are faster, easier and more costly methods to do what we do.  We could buy a printer to make our signs, we could buy new, straight clean wood from a big box store, but we choose everyday to take something unwanted and recreate it into something new.  Our motto – Yesterday’s items, Reborn!
To see samples of our work please visit us at www.UpCycleCanada.co

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Dave & Jen Campbell