Vertigo will be taking The Carmel Fine Art & Music Festival Stage Saturday September 15th, 1:00pm-1:45pm

Vertigo is a funk soul ensemble consisting of sax guitar bass and drums. Targeting adult venues and creating a laidback atmosphere for those who enjoy live music that doesn’t overwhelm. There are R&B elements as well as the LA. funk grooves [Steely Dan]. Gil Hicks provides a soulful jazzy vocal witch rounds out the complete diversified sound that is VERTIGO’S own. The format is equally blended between instrurmental and vocal tunes, spanning everything from Elington ,Etta James,Grover Washington, to currant Bluesy Soul.

We can also cover dance tunes if the crowd wishes to indulge. Glen Hicks –sax –Has played tenor since his teens—endless performance and recording experience—his style is smooth and melodic

Gil Hicks –guitar- vocal—has covered all styles through the years-principle writer of the Stray’s original material—receiving airplay with a number of projects worldwide–

Gary Storin—drums—original drummer for Canadian supergroup The Stampeders—the local go to authority on all things drums—interoperates this repertoire with finesse, dynamics and precision.

Jeff Muir –bass—Toronto based musician recent relocated to St Catharines exercises creativity with flawless technique, imposing a contagious youthful exuberance.